Here you can find some of my personal musical projects. From simple and acoustic tracks to ambiental and minimalist pieces involving synthesisers and analog sounds.

-       Music bends time: an analysis of how music can change our perception of

        temporality while travelling.

April, 2018

This is the topic of my final project for my degree Music Performance and Production at the University of East London. The project was supervised by Steve Betts.

The result of this paper is an analysis of three ways of approaching how we listen to music and how these pieces affect the perception of time of the listener(s). The three of them deal with the passage of time differently yet aim for the same: how can music change our perception of time?

The musical structure, instrumentation, length and its compositional process are different from each other. Moreover, one way or another, these pieces are trying to represent and resemble the idea of travelling, of moving from a start point to an end point. Even though the main issue is to study and analyse the relationship between music and our perception of temporality conscientiously, the connexion with the act of travelling and moving have a critical weight.


Regarding the genre of the songs, the musical pieces do not follow the general standardisation of popular music. Instead, they have a repetitive, hypnotic and experimental approach to it, closer to the likes of ambient and minimalist music.

Download and read the full final project report here.

These two videos are a visual representation of the final result of this investigation.

Video recording and editing: Gosia Wawer

You can also listen and download here the three musical pieces that compose this project.

Music composed, recorded and mixed by Javi Carles during the months of February and May of 2018.

Special thanks to the sonic artist xguix for lending me some of his sounds for 'Day (static piece)'.

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-       acoustic ideas e.p.

July 3, 2018.

These are a few acoustic ideas that I have been composing and recording during the last few months in London.

Instrumental compositions, simple and short that blend environmental sounds with acoustic guitars, harmonica and, sometimes, bass guitar.

Art cover by Jojo

-         Jam #2 at the Spanish Corner

March 1, 2018.

This is a jam played and recorded someday back in September 2016 at this beautiful location then known as the 'Spanish Corner' in Clapham Junction, London.

With a variety of African and South Asian instruments, Dudu Bongo (playing woodwinds, guembri, dhol and udu throughout the 37 minutes jam) meets Konstantinos Patsourakis -  who plays the Ney flute, a Persian instrument and myself, Javi Carles, playing percussion instruments such as dhol, sabar and rain rattle.

Video editing: Dudu Bongo

Sound mixing: Javi Carles